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it represents an affirmation that we and our nato allies have received and collected in support of military operations. >> reporter: the house homeland's security committee now has sharp criticism of homeland's security court. coming after the discovery that the department doesn't know what security measures are in place to protect workers and guest at the navy yard. the department is crawling not aware of what security is intact for certain departments. to not have a handle on what's in place to secure their own employees. >> reporter: at the time of the shooting in rent a lexus, a former navy reservist, was working as a military contractor. >> jacqueline: it was warmer today and will continue for the rest of the work week. back in the '70s to my with widespread by friday. changes in the other direction for the weekend. we will seek a little bit more clout coverage and gusty winds once again. right now, whether warmer dry air so we are glad to see some pretty nice afternoons but the morning will be on the chilly side. a lot of 40 degree readings. as we move into the morning and early after
on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >>james: to a senate committee will hear testimony on the federal background check process and the aftermath of a deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. federal officials including the acting director of the office of personnel management are expected to appear. the committee is examining the process of background checks and security clearances following the september 16th shooting in which former navy reservist aaron alexa's killed 12 people before being shot and killed by police. the shooting raised questions of how lexus was able to obtain and hold onto a security clearance despite past brushes with the law and concerns about his mental health. a southern california cities attempt to shut down production of the popular sriracha chili sauce is heading to court. a los angeles superior court judge is expected to decide today whether to grant the city of arundel--irwindales' request to cease operations
it went deeper than this. they suspended richard angakok nato because of this thing with jonathan martin britt we hear about them making rookies pay for dinners. first of all, martin is second-tier. he's not a rookie and apparently they had tempeh 15 grand to go to this vegas trip he didn't even go to but they said pay 50 grand because we're all going to vegas so he did because he felt pressure to correct and cockney doubt is like this is ridiculous. you should mention that i'm not a bullying print >>gary: see they blame it on the culture of the locker room for it when you're a younker player its paging business but when you get in somebody's wall went to that extent they make them feel bad and ostracize them, i don't go for any of that. >>darya: neither do the dolphins apparently because hours after investigation and a suspension. >>gary: some people say that's just part of being on a team but i now want to be on a team that picks on the one ipad. i'm very serious about that. >>darya: while that was it. tied up with a bow. eight tweet me on the belize. see tied up with a bow. eight twee
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3